Todd & Sargent was founded in 1933, building wood-cribbed grain elevators throughout the Midwest. In the nine decades since the company was founded, it has expanded to become a premier provider of industrial ag processing facilities throughout the United States and Canada.

The company is a design-build contractor focused on serving customers in the ag-industrial sector, including grain storage, feed mills, flour mills, oilseed, biofuels, pet food, malt processing, and other specialty processing facilities.

“We have designers, engineers, and construction all under one roof, and we stand behind our work as we have for the past 90 years,” says Vice President Business Development Scott Sylvester. “We’re known for building strong relationships with customers and partners, outstanding designs, and facilities that stand the test of time.”

90th Anniversary

The company takes projects from concept to completion, working closely with clients to determine project needs up front and delivering a successful facility that’s built safely. The company is relationship focused, and the majority of its business is with repeat customers.

“We’re very excited to celebrate the 90th anniversary of our founding in 2023, and we’ve planned client/partner celebrations at GEAPS and IAOM, as well as multiple events for our employees,” adds Sylvester.

In 1933 – the year of our founding – toll house (chocolate chip) cookies and the Monopoly board game were introduced, and prohibition ended. A Todd & Sargent version of this iconic game and cookies have been created, and there may be prohibition-related events later this year.”