More than 240 million acres of corn, soybeans, and wheat are to be planted in 2021, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture estimations.

To help meet the industry’s need for storing massive harvests is LandMarc Construction, Inc., a Hawarden, IA-based contractor experienced in the construction of grain storage, handling, and processing facilities of all sizes.

Marc Landeen, president and CEO, founded the company in 2014 after serving as general manager for another firm. “LandMarc started with five or six employees,” says Madison Landeen, project manager and Marc’s son. “We now have more than 20 employees, all of whom hold many industry-specific certifications, as well as others ranging from OSHA-30s to certified crane operators.

Madison Landeen joined as a project manager and salesman in 2016 after graduating college. Troy Bakkers became a LandMarc project manager in 2018, bringing more than 20 years of knowledge in material handling construction.

The company’s small team of experienced employees has earned LandMarc clients such as commercial and private grain handlers, ethanol plants, and other grain and material handling operations across the Midwest and even into Texas and Colorado. “Currently, one of our larger projects this year is in George, IA,” says Landeen. “It involves two 105-foot-diameter 750,000-bushel tanks, one 72-foot-diameter 370,000-bushel wet bin, and a 275-foot-diameter 1-million-bushel ground pile conditioned with a center air tower.”

Consistency, flexibility, and quality have led to LandMarc’s success, notes Landeen. “Our customers know what they’re going to get from us – an excellent finished product with no back-end costs.

“We’re dedicated to having a pool of successful, knowledgeable, and safe employees working on projects,” he says. “Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to maintain our workforce and suffered no layoffs.”


LandMarc Construction operates under the motto, “Design better. Build better.” – a practice that Madison Landeen says has led to the company’s trust among clients via its experience in performing thorough work. “This encompasses a wide array of details that are easily overlooked. A project can look very nice from far away, but it’s the fine details that make the difference, when it comes to maintenance and durability down the road.”

Word of mouth is a testimony to LandMarc’s dependability. “I think the best compliment we get is when a new customer calls us after being recommended by a previous customer,” he adds. The company provides post-construction support and is available to answer questions or make on-site visits to reassure equipment is properly functioning.

An experienced sales team includes members with more than 40 years of combined field and office experience. Many foremen and millwrights have been with LandMarc since it in opened 2014, and some have worked with Founder Marc Landeen more than a decade.

“We’re a family-owned company,” he notes. “We do as much work in-house as possible, so the salesman and foreman who sold and installed the equipment will be the same people serving that customer years down the road. That has allowed us to build close relationships with each of our customers.”


Construction can be complex for any company, regardless of the project scope. According to Madison Landeen, LandMarc eases the burden with its ability to successfully undertake multiple projects for grain handling and storage and other material handling operations.

“Grain, feed, seed, and biofuel facilities are complex and diverse. We provide design engineering, milling, new construction, and repair and renovation for all types of grain handling facilities, including ethanol plants. We also provide construction in other industrial sectors not related to grain.”

LandMarc has implemented multiple software and construction methods that are designed to help customers visualize a project, make potential changes, and manage costs. Landeen notes that LandMarc design software provides improved project and site safety, reduced project waste, 3D coordination to prevent collision of components, 3D visualization for better communication, predetermined potential problem areas, increased quality, and precise fit of prefabricated items. The company maintains a fleet of cranes with capacity up to 165 tons to handle large projects.

Temporary storage. LandMarc also provides design and construction for the grain industry’s temporary grain storage needs and has built these facilities in seven different states. “Stronger bunker walls and supports are made from galvanized steel,” says Landeen, “and aeration also is more efficient.

Larry Stalcup, contributing writer

From May/June 2021 Grain Journal Issue

Company Profile

Hawarden, IA


Marc Landeen

President, CEO, Founder

Products & Services

Construction and

maintenance of bulk material handling and storage

• New construction

• Repair

• Refurbishment/renovations


Company Timeline

2001 Marc Landeen began working with a general contractor, later became general manager of that company.

2014 Landeen formed LandMarc Construction, Inc.

2016 Landeen’s son, Madison Landeen, joined the company as a project manager and salesman.

2018 Troy Bakker joined as project manager with 20-plus years’ field experience.