Argentina's soybean harvest is expected to be substantial, says UKAgroConsult.

The cessation of rains and low temperatures next week should help to complete the harvest without major problems.

The good news is that the cessation of rains in the coming days will allow the first harvest to be completed before the end of the first half of May without causing serious problems for producers. In central Santa Fe and southeastern Cordoba, 87% of the area has been harvested. In southern Santa Fe and northeastern Buenos Aires, 83% of the area is harvested. And the most backward area is northwest Buenos Aires, where 60% of the first soybean crop has been harvested.

As for the second crop, the central and southern parts of Santa Fe harvested 70% of the crop. While in the north of Buenos Aires, between 20% and 50% of the crop was harvested.

Recently, a cold front managed to advance towards the center of the Pampa region, displacing the prevailing warm and humid air, resulting in a dramatic change in environmental conditions. Producers and technicians are enthusiastic about this first cold snap, noting that it is an opportunity to reduce cicada populations and reduce risk in the next corn planting.